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You can be a sponsor of Orthotics!

You can be a sponsor of Orthotics!

You can be a sponsor of Orthotics!

You can be a sponsor of Orthotics!

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Clearly Adjustable liftGW Heel Lift
The Most Comfortable Heel Lift You Can Buy!The Most Comfortable Heel Lift You Can Buy!

The New Clearly Adjustableª Heel Lift delivers best-available comfort for clients with Leg Length Discrepancy, and it is micro-adjustable for a "just-right!" fit. Beneath the insole, the Clearly Adjustable lift quickly molds itself to the shoe, so both shoes feel and fit alike. The high-tech transparent layered material conforms but does not compress, does not cause heel rubbing like foam rubber or gel lifts, and does not lose its height even with extended use. Peeling and replacing 1mm layers provides any elevation from 2 to 12 mm, so the client can find best accommodation or fit comfortably in their tighter shoes. Variable height allows staged introduction of heel lift height to new users for a gradual shift in balance. The lift can be easily trimmed to fit the shoe and customized with a pair of scissors - creating spot pressure relief for heel spurs or plantar warts takes just seconds. You can fine-tune modifications, since the stair-stepped design of the bottom of the lift keeps it in place in the shoe without adhesives or sticky tape. Bottom line - it is one of the most comfortable products you can buy for leg-length compensation, and the most customizable. Speaking of the bottom line, the Clearly Adjustable lift minimizes professional inventory - just three sizes fit all clients with height to 12mm at no extra cost, and also provides variable varus/valgus correction from one to five degrees without affecting elevation.
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SuperFeet "Super" OrthoticQuality Health Products

Feet provide the base for your entire body, and even a slight misalignment can disturb the supra structure above them. This can result in spinal misalignment, foot, knee, hip and neck problems, strained muscles, leg length discrepancy, poor posture, and even discomfort while standing, walking or running. SuperFeet’s patented rear-foot control point helps control over-pronation, while its mid-foot control point stabilizes and enables the wearer to use their whole skeletal strength thereby creating less muscle fatigue and more endurance. Competing orthotics claim 100% satisfaction, but usually address only 25% of your stride - the heel strike. In addition, conventional insoles and most orthotics allow the heel’s fat pad to flatten, causing increased transmission of shock. SuperFeet’s products feature a patented heel cup design that maintains the natural shock absorption of the heel’s fat pad during the heel strike. This three part system includes a deep heel pocket to center the fat pad, a slight rocker bottom to allow for some foot roll, and a special cut-out capsule to allow for some soft tissue expansion. The result: a soft landing every time. Finally, SuperFeet’s patented support bridge activates all the control points of the foot thereby leading to better balance and alignment during the stride, an essential feature exclusive to SuperFeet. Currently for shoe sizes 2-17, the Trim-to-Fit line includes different styles to accommodate all types of footwear.

Priced as low as $ 15.00 per pair, join the thousands of Chiropractors that currently provide their patients with a cost effective orthotic that really works.

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