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You can be a sponsor of Exercise Equipment!

You can be a sponsor of Exercise Equipment!

You can be a sponsor of Exercise Equipment!

You can be a sponsor of Exercise Equipment!

You can be a sponsor of Exercise Equipment!

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The Total Gym Power TowerEFI Medical Systems
EFI Sports Medicine Introduction of the <I>Electric</I> Power TowerEFI Sports Medicine Introduction of the Electric Power Tower

No longer requiring a patient to get on and off the unit between exercises, the new, fully electronic Power Tower delivers level changes at the touch of a button. This results in a more comfortable experience for the patient, fewer transitions, and a more cohesive exercise session. The Power Tower encourages functional exercise by using an individual’s body weight as resistance. It features a ground-breaking dynamic pulley system that adjusts to a patient’s girth and height to allow for optimum force angles specific to each exercise. As in other Total Gym models, the free-motion glide-board allows for movement in all planes of motion. Other features include a wide base, telescoping squat stand with three adjustable heights, built in pull-up bars and a fold away foot holder for hamstring and abdominal work. This unit also accepts all of efi’s Total Gym Pilates accessories and comes with an exercise manual categorized by muscle group and Pilates repertoire.

SAN DIEGO - efi Sports Medicine, a leader in functional exercise equipment for the physical therapy and athletic training market, has introduced the Power TowerTM and the 26000 Total Gym®, both designed, engineered, and manufactured to meet the rigorous needs of the most demanding clinical environments.
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Total Gym 26000EFI Medical Systems
EFI Sports Medicine Introduction A New Upgraded Model!EFI Sports Medicine Introduction A New Upgraded Model!

Building on the popular Total Gym 24000, the 26000 features additional functionality and provides more than 200 functional exercises for the trunk and upper and lower extremities. The new model comes with a built in folding wide base squat stand that adjusts to three heights and a highly adaptable folding foot holder that can be raised or lowered as required for the performance of various lower body and trunk exercises. Standard accessories include a Press Bar for the performance of military press exercises, a Dip Bar for incline dips and a Deluxe Pull-up bar with three grip positions. The new Total Gym 26000 accepts the Closed Chain Platform and all Total Gym Pilates accessories. It also features the new Adjustable Pulley Bar accessory that allows clinicians to adjust the height and width of the cable pulley angle for each individual’s size and specific to each exercise.

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The Wall CrawlerNational Medical Alliance
Unique Design You Can Exercise Athletes In A Functional Standing PositionUnique Design You Can Exercise Athletes In A Functional Standing Position

The Wall Crawler is the cutting edge of rehabilitation technology. With its unique design you can exercise athletes in a functional standing position. Whether it is post-operative hips, knees, ankles, or a simple sit-to-stand training, you can produce better results. By utilizing assistance bands, the athletes’ bodyweight may be off-loaded to decrease the amount of weight they are supporting. This allows them to complete rehabilitative exercises using full or partial bodyweight. Some Exercises frequently used on the Wall Crawler are: sitting push-ups, pull-ups, balance, and "explosion" work. The Wall Crawler is also wheelchair accessible, which can help in providing service to the geriatric community and others who may find a need for this unit. The Wall Crawler is practical for any clinic as it takes up a minimal amount of space it with overall dimensions of 34" x 44" x 6’6". The Wall Crawler is ideal for small or large clinics. With the improved removable seat, the Wall Crawler offers an unlimited amount of therapy to produce faster and better results.
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Version 3.0 Exercise ProBioEx Systems
Custom Computer Generated Exercise HandoutsCustom Computer Generated Exercise Handouts

Version 3.0 Exercise Pro Software, from BioEx Systems now has even more expanded features. The system creates custom computer generated exercise handouts for patients in just minutes. It now includes a pediatrics library, upper extremity amputee, deep-water aquatics, and additional orthopedic exercises bringing the exercise count to over 2,000. Fifty education topics have been added for a total of 150, all of which now print in Spanish.

In addition to the advanced body part search method that made Version 2 popular, Exercise Pro v3 has added 5 innovative search methods (muscles, multi-picture-viewing formats, type and find, and more). Selecting exercises is easier with the new drag-and-drop feature. A built-in advanced draw program contains ”stock” body part illustrations so you can create your own exercises and maintain artwork consistency. Or use other commercial programs or scanners. A new chart note comment section has been installed. The new features go on and on. Best of all, it is still a complete system with NO additional modules to purchase. Join the thousands of other facilities that use Exercise Pro. Ask about Multi-Network discount prices. Call for FREE Demo Diskettes 800-750-2756 or email to
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Web-Slide Exercise SystemPrePak Products
Low-Cost, High Use Rehabilitation StationLow-Cost, High Use Rehabilitation Station

The Web-Slide Exercise Rail System is a low-cost, high use rehabilitation station designed to increase productivity. It contains everything needed in a compact space - fixtures, exercise devices, instructional materials to quickly and effectively process and monitor patients in need of rehab and fitness exercise programs. Patients are processed in three simple steps. First, remove a treatment appropriate exercise device from the storage rack and select exercise(s) from the full color poster. Next, slide the exercise device onto any of the rails 15 "easy slide" anchor points and begin the exercise routine. Finally, use a Tear-Off Exercise Sheet to record the exercise prescription, chart progress, and maintain a patient history. The exercise devices in the system include 10 resistance levels of tubing (5 each in bilateral and unilateral configurations) for strengthening; a range of motion pulley; an assistive stretching/traction device; and a short stretch cable with pulley for isolating and strengthening dynamic or stabilization muscles. Also included is a hook-up strap for lower extremity exercises. Over 50 exercises are shown on the poster and tear-off sheets for trunk, upper and lower extremities.
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