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You can be a sponsor of Cold & Hot Therapy Products!

You can be a sponsor of Cold & Hot Therapy Products!

You can be a sponsor of Cold & Hot Therapy Products!

You can be a sponsor of Cold & Hot Therapy Products!

You can be a sponsor of Cold & Hot Therapy Products!

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Liquid IceIomed Inc
IOMED Launches Liquid Ice A Cool Compression WrapIOMED Launches Liquid Ice A Cool Compression Wrap

IOMED, Inc. is distributing a revolutionary new cool compression wrap, Liquid Ice®, to the physical therapy, sports therapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation therapy markets. Liquid Ice was named 2002 Sports Product of the Year Runner-Up by Sports Edge magazine. Liquid Ice is a self-contained product that serves as a reusable cooling and compression wrap. Needing no refrigeration and cooling for up to two hours, Liquid Ice offers more benefits and none of the drawbacks of an ice pack. It cools without damaging the skin tissue, provides compression, is both comfortable and flexible, and does not limit mobility. Liquid Ice is a totally unique cooling method for the physical and occupational therapy and sports medicine markets. Traditionally, clinicians have used conductive cooling methods, such as ice sprays, cold packs and ice to treat patients, all of which have limited effectiveness. Liquid Ice, which uses evaporative cooling, lasts six times longer than conductive cooling methods, and does not damage skin tissue or limit mobility. The award-winning Liquid Ice product line includes ready-to-use cooling compression wraps in two sizes and a re-charger fluid that contains enough concentrate for up to 40 applications.
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CorPakCore Products
New Hot/Cold Packs Designed to Stay in PlaceNew Hot/Cold Packs Designed to Stay in Place

Core Products International, Inc., makers of the popular CorFitš System Back Support, has introduced CorPakª Hot and Cold Packs with an exclusive strapping system. The convenient new system allows you to keep the pack comfortably in place with straps that can fasten anywhere on the pack. This allows the packs to be placed virtually anywhere on your body.

The CorPaks feature a soft, plush, "frost-free" surface that gently insulates each pack to protect sensitive skin. The surface and straps are designed to be compatible, allowing the straps to fasten anywhere for greatest application flexibility. The non-toxic, biodegradable gel used in these packs retains therapeutic temperatures. Stored in the freezer, these packs remain soft and pliable, easily forming to any area of the body. You can easily heat them in the microwave for quick heat therapy.

These packs are perfect for all types of hot and cold therapy, including strains, sprains headaches and tendonitis. They come in five sizes from 3"x5" to 6"x20", and in three shapes - rectangular, cervical collar-shaped and tri-sectional - for virtually any application.

These CorPaks join a family of products from Core Products, including positioning cushions, wheelchair pads, cervical support pillows and the CorFit System Back Support. The CorFit back support features a patented, proportional fitting system that provides a proper fit for virtually anyone. Some 95% of people can be fitted properly with just four CorFit belts.
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