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International Medical Electronics
   PO Box 45030
   Kansas City, MO 64171
Phone: 1-800-432-8003
Fax: 1-816-931-8415

Magnatherm SSPInternational Medical Electronics
Deep Therapeutic HeatingDeep Therapeutic Heating

International Medical Electronics, Ltd.ís Magnatherm SSP pulsed shortwave diathermy puts electromagnetic energy deeply and directly into muscle tissue. It heats from the inside out. It is more effective than old-fashioned heating pads and hot packs. These modalities heat the skin, which flushes, and the fat, which helps insulate the body from these external sources of heat. This allows the body to maintain homeostasis with no real increase in the muscle temperature.
The Magnatherm SSPís specially designed heads and solid-state electronics produce pure penetrating electromagnetic energy more effectively than other modalities. It overcomes the bodyís tendency to maintain homeostasis and heats muscle tissue directly to therapeutic levels, which result in increased blood flow, improved oxygenation, and increased metabolic rate. This deep therapeutic heat also helps decrease inflammation and relieves pain and edema, while alleviating muscle spasms and making collagenous tissue more pliable. Magnatherm is an effective deep heating modality. It heats an area 25-50 times greater than Ultrasound. The Magnatherm also heats more deeply than Ultrasound and to a higher level than Ultrasound, 40-45 C 5cm deep into muscle tissue, vs. 38 C for Ultrasound 3cm deep. Magnatherm additionally heats deep tissues more uniformly than Ultrasound and the heat lasts 2-3 times longer. The unit is both portable and mobile. It has two independent treatment heads with separate controls for each head.
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