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Individual Listings...composed of 250-300 words and one 4-Color photo (72 dpi)...$125
per/month...($1250 if pre-paid annually)*

2 Individual Listings...
$100 ea. per/month...($2150 if pre-paid annually)*

3 or 4 Individual Listings...
$75 ea. per/ further discounts

5 or more Individual Listings...
$50 ea. per/ further discounts

Sponsor Banners...
composed of 108 x 72 pixel gif or jpg (4-color)...with link to sponsors website...$250 per month...($2750 if pre-paid annually)*

Payments may be made with automatically billed credit card on 5th or 20th of each month or prepaid for discount

* All Discounts are based on payment in advance for one year (12 months)

Check out the system in Action:

Call ... 714-998-6242