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Rehab & Therapy Products Review, presents a “Deck of Cards” which is a new and exciting addition to a complete marketing plan. These “Decks” are meant to be a direct mail and a direct response campaign that will help you “sell” your product and services to our 40,000 plus database of practitioners. The “Deck of Cards” is another time-tested method for your company to reach the physical therapy marketplace. Use the Deck in conjunction with your “space” advertising in our magazine and along with our “Online Web Services” and you now have a complete marketing program in place.

Making It Work!

Pressure on marketing budgets has never been greater. Advertising and rising mailing costs are problematic for direct marketers, yet lead generation is essential to sales growth and building your customer base for the future.
So the challenge is – how to tap into the power of direct mail marketing more efficiently and cost effectively? The answer is in collaborating with like-minded marketers and share the cost and create a heightened sales

Card packs first showed up in business-to-business marketing in early 50’s. Today card packs offer low-cost, high volume and predictable results to the advertiser! Thumbing through a deck of cards can be a nice relief from
advertising bombardment. When a Deck arrives, it’s like receiving a small gift that you want to open and leaf
through. It creates instant curiosity! What’s inside?

Card packs could be likened to a “Deck of Cards,” when you see one, you just can’t help the powerful impulse
to flip through it. They are easy to respond to as the practitioner does not have to apply a stamp or address an
envelope. Even easier, they can use your 800 number, fax or go to your website! They are a great way to build a customer base and it’s an easy method to test or evaluate your marketing plan!

Secrets To A Successful Card

Here are some tips...

  • A Horizontal Layout Is Best – Most recipients will not take the time to flip your card as they go through the
  • Add Color – Two color is good four is better, the more you can stimulate the senses the better your response will be. Placing a product photo is a must! Show the products benefits in action!
  • Create A Strong Headline – Make it a show stopper, use words like Free, Introductory Offer, and New!
  • Offer Alternative Ways To Respond – i.e. Your free toll number, fax or website address!
  • White Space Is Good Space – Too much copy diminishes readability. Allow your message to breathe!
  • Make It Easy To Read – Use at least 10 pt type for main lines and remember it is natural to read top to bottom and left to right! Use lowercase letters! Research has shown that lowercase letters in headlines and text are easier to read than letters that are capitalized!
  • Be Clear And Concise – It should only take 7-10 seconds to read your main points and make your offer known, any longer and you risk losing your prospect! Keep it short!
  • Include A Statement Of Satisfaction Guaranteed – This alleviates any feelings of risk. Gain their trust from the start!
  • Spark The Readers Interest – Offer a free product sample or free information!
  • Be User-Friendly – Make all of your forms easy to fill-out, and of course, having a return postage paid
    heightens your response

Rehab & Therapy Products Review’s “Deck of Cards” mails 4 times a year to 40,000 USA practitioners. We just purchased a new mailing list and merge-purged it with our current mailing list to create a “brand-new” list...many new practitioners are on our list! One Deck per office! We do not mail duplicate decks into one address unless requested! Each deck issue will have a “FREE” contest offering in it creating additional interest in opening our Deck of Cards! Two winners will receive $500 cash prizes in each deck issue!

Rates & Schedule

Cards are 3.5” x 5.5” – Live Matter is 3.125” x 5.125” – No Bleed

Issue Date
AD Closes
Art Closes
Mailing Date
February 2004
Jan 18th
Jan 23rd
Feb 15th
April 2004
Mar 22nd
Mar 26th
Apr 19th
September 2004
Aug 2nd
Aug 6th
Sept 2nd
November 2004
Oct 4th
Oct 8th
Nov 1st

Lucy Butler, Sales & Marketing
Rehab & Therapy Products Review
Magazine, Website & Card Deck
604-685-4988 fax 604-685-4951


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