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R.E.A.L. Design
187 South Main Street
Dolgeville, NY 13329
Fax: 315-429-3071
Manufactures pediatric and adult therapy equipment including the Convert-Able Table, the Height Adjustable Wedge, the Ladybug Corner Chair and the High-Low Chair. R.E.A.L. Design is committed to making innovative and colorful products that are an asset to have in any therapy setting.

3016 N.E. Blakeley St.
Seattle, WA 98105
Manufacturer of two electronic bicycle ergometers with interactive graphics and performance software for PCís. MultiRider software package supports up to 8-man group sessions. Highly accurate wattage control starting at 5 Watts, course simulation, performance recording and bio-mechanical pedal stroke analysis. Widely used by coaches, sports scientists, exercise physiologists, national teams.

401 Linden Center Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Fax: 970-484-3800
Rand-Scot manufactures the Easy-Pivot Patient Lift System, the BBD line of Air Support surfaces to prevent pressure ulcers, and the Saratoga line of Exercise Cycles for the disabled.

4200 Schmitt Avenue
Louisville, KY 40213
Fax: 800-428-0133
Recreonics offers a complete line of swimming pool and hydrotherapy equipment and accessories through our free, 180-page full color catalog.

Rehab Seating Systems
Eight Alton Place #3
Brookline , MA 02446
Ascender Chair is an innovative ergonomic Orthopedic and Bariatric seating system designed to protect both the patient and the caregiver during the Sit-to-Stand maneuver. Easily adjustable features help patients maintain proper skeletal alignment while seated and reduces stresses and pressure on the hip, knee and back when rising.

215 12th Avenue N.E.
Valley City, ND 58072
Fax: 701-845-2023
Tri W-G, Inc. has created RehabDirect, a direct-to-market source of top-brand rehabilitation equipment and supplies. Products include motorized parallel bars, mat tables, treatment tables, exercise equipment, work hardening devices, weights and more.

13401 McCormick Dr.
Tampa, FL 33626
Resist-A-Band Products meet the needs of professionals in the Sports, Medical and Rehab markets. Key products include new, patented Ultra LF Latex-Free Fitness Bands, Resist-A-Band Latex Bands/Tubing and Burst-Resistant Fitness Balls. Other products include hand therapy putty and balls and more.

Restorative Care of America
12221 33rd Street
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Fax: 727-573-1886
One of the leading manufacturers of orthopedic braces for the upper and lower extremities. Product line features the original Multi Podus System, and has expanded to include fracture management braces and neoprene supports for injury or post surgical conditions.

Rich-Mar Corporation
15499 E. 590th Rd.
Inola, OK 74036
Fax: 918-543-3334
Rich-Marís new AutoSound, Automatic Hands-Free Ultrasound, provides you with more time and a better treatment with its patented design actually moving the ultrasonic field so you do not have to. Also, the new AutoPrism is a Light Therapy device that is a great soft-tissue modality. All that and a complete line of modalities.

Rifton Equipment
359 Gibson Hill Road
Chester, NY 10918
Fax: 800-336-5948
Rifton has worked with therapists to develop quality, durable equipment for children and adults to aid sitting, standing, toileting, mobility and exercise.

RiversEdge Products
P.O. Box 4143
Poplar Bluff, MO 63902
RiversEdge makes a variety of wood products including: work-hardening boxes and stations, storage closets, posture mirrors, band stands, oak storage racks for weights and more.

Roberts Manufacturing
430 Merryman Lane
Baltimore, MD 21218
Fax: 410-467-4065
The Roberts Hydro pad generates moisture automatically using the humidity in the atmosphere. This fomentation moisture is transferred to the cooler body tissues in the form of hot moist heat. Hydro therapy is a low-cost, proven method of pain relief made convenient with a Hydro Thero Pad.

Rochester Medical Corp.
One Rochester Medical Drive
Stewartville, MN 55976
Fax: 507-533-4232
Rochester Medical offers a broad line of latex-free incontinence products including male external catheters, intermittent catheters and Foley catheters. Our advanced technology now brings you the Antibacterial Personal Catheter, designed to help reduce the risk of UTIs, and the Hydrophilic Personal Catheter, providing virtually friction-free insertion and removal.

Categories: Incontinence Products, Pediatric Products

RPI of Atlanta
120 Interstate N. Pkwy. E #424
Atlanta, GA 30339
Seminar in a box...learn at home or at the office -- painless myofascial release and trigger point therapy. It is easy. Includes audio, video and written notes. It feels good. Contains six specially designed lifetime instruments. RPI of Atlanta has been serving the professions for fifteen years.

Categories: Athletic Products, Massage Therapy Equipment, Sports Medicine, Footcare Products, Neck Back Products, Physical Therapy Products, Rehab Equipment, Stretching Aids

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