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J & J Engineering
22797 Holgar Ct. NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Fax: 360-697-4435
A manufacturer of a complete line of physiological monitoring instruments and sEMG biofeedback instruments for muscle reeducation, relaxation training and incontinence work.

Jemarkel Health-Tech
2701 Beech St.
Valparaiso, IN 46383
Fax: 219-548-5891
Wristiciser-Pro Plus is a standard in exercise rehabilitation therapy for the entire upper extremity.

Joint Active Systems
2600 South Raney
Effingham, IL 62401
Fax: 217-347-3384

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Joint Active Systems devices are designed to improve ROM by utilizing the principles of SPS and stress relaxation, while reducing joint compression and providing soft tissue distraction. The patient achieves permanent tissue lengthening in a short wearing time. A published research study supports the protocol and outcomes.

Categories: Elbow Products, Hand Therapy Products, Shoulder Products, Knee Braces Supports, Finger Products

Joint-Jack Company
108 Britt Road
East Hartford, CT 06118
Fax: 860-568-9588
Flexion deformity of the fingers is a common problem in rehabilitation of the hand. Correction of such deformities is a goal of pre-, peri-, and post-operative treatment. Joint-Jack Company offers many products which have proven to be effective in rehabilitation of the hand.

JRS Products LLC
1163 Merrick Avenue
North Merrick, NY 11566
Fax: 516-489-8229
The Digi-Flex System is a set of hand and finger exercise devices designed for patients to work each finger individually on its own spring loaded button. the System consists of 5 color-coded units each of graduating resistances.

JTech Medical Industries
470 Lawndale Drive #G
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
Fax: 801-478-0674

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JTech Medical is a leading manufacturer of functional testing and documentation products for physical therapy and industrial medicine. JTech offers Tracker computerized systems and Commander stand-alone instruments. The Tracker line features cost-effective systems for performing FCE’s, post-offers, and fitness-for-duty testing, and reasonably priced systems for more efficient hand evaluation.

Categories: Assessment Equipment, Diagnostic Equipment, Inclinometers, Functional Assessment, Evaluation Equipment, Dynamometers, Testing Equipment, Computer Products, EMG Products, Goniometers, Documentation Systems, Narrative Report Software, Report Writing, Gauges, Hand Therapy Products, Heart Rate Monitors, Industrial Therapy Products, Occupational Therapy Products, Ergonomic Products, Isotonic Isometric Equipment, Rehab Equipment, Seminars

P. O. Box 1088
Cuyahoga Falls , OH 44223
Fax: 330-916-9168
Since 1912, Juzo has earned a reputation of excellence in manufacturing and patient compliance within the compression therapy industry. Producing high quality two-way stretch materials and covered compression threads, Juzo garments are durable and comfortable to wear. Each garment is designed to maintain natural mobility, improve venous circulation and enhance patients’ quality of life.

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