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Easy Risers
PO Box 643, 905 Burrel Ave. NE
Cooperstown, ND 58425
Fax: 701-797-3451
Manufacturer of a low cost alternative to a chair lift. Risers are used to elevate and incline existing furniture to maintain independence. Risers can also elevate tables or desks to allow wheelchair access, or beds for respiratory conditions. Available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 inch sizes.

efi Sports Medicine
7766 Arjons Drive #B
San Diego, CA 92126
Fax: 858-566-8898

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On the new Total Gym 26000, patients work against gravity, moving a percentage of their body weight. In the 200 functional exercises available, unrestricted movement occurs through all planes of motion. Proprioceptive training and recruitment of core stabilizers occurs naturally in nearly every exercise. Calibration is built in for incremental increases and decreases in load. It comes complete with accessories for squat, pull-up, dip and press exercises.

Categories: Exercise Equipment, Rehab Equipment, Home Exercise, Pilates Equipment, , Distributors Dealers, Elliptical Machines, Weight Resistance Equipment

Electro-Med Health Industries
11601 Biscayne Blvd. #200A
N. Miami, Fl 33181
Fax: 305-892-2980
EMHI, born in 1972, continues to be a manufacturer and distributor of neuro muscular stimulators. High Volt with EGS clinical units, EGXtra (Model EGS 4000) portable, VersaStim 380 - medium frequency. Many accessories and electrodes. Research focused.

Electro-Medical Equipment
4371 Shallowford Ind. Pkwy.
Marietta, GA 30066
Fax: 770-926-4022
Electro-Medical Equipment, Inc. is the national distributor for Akron Therapy Products including the complete line of Hi-Lo Physical Therapy Plinths, Tilt Tables, Bobath and Mat Tables.

Elgin Exercise Equipment Corp.
270 Eisenhower Lane North #4A
Lombard, IL 60148
Fax: 630-268-1007
Elgin manufactures superior quality P.R.E. equipment, supplies and accessories for therapy and rehab. Products include: single, double & freestanding pulley systems, leg/ankle exerciser, weight cuffs, gait & walking belts, foot exerciser, dumbbells & racks, exercise putty, cushions and foam rollers. Also a distributor of Hygenic’s Thera-Band products.

Categories: Assistive Products Canes Walkers, Balls, Cushions, Distributors Dealers, Exercise Equipment, Exercisers Finger Hand Arm, Footcare Products, Hand Therapy Products, Home Exercise, Neck Back Products, Paraffin, Work Hardening, Weights, Weight Resistance Equipment, Weight Racks, Wall Pulley Systems, Rehab Equipment, Resistive Exercise Products, Foot Ankle Exercisers, Aquatic Therapy Products, Back Supports Belts, Hydrotherapy, Industrial Therapy Products, Massage Therapy Equipment, Mats, Occupational Therapy Products, Physical Therapy Products, Pillows Cushions, Aerobic Exercise Equipment, Bikes Stationary, Braces, Catalog Houses, Cervical Traction, Chairs Stools, Cold Therapy Products, Dynamometers, Electro Therapy Accessories, Electro Therapy Devices, Combination, Interferential, Muscle Stimulators, Russian, TENS, Ultrasound, Platform Mobility Aids, Parallel Bars, Passive Motion Systems, Orthotics, Mobility Products, Lotions Creams Gels, Knee Braces Supports, Intermittent Compression Devices, Inclinometers, Goniometers, Gauges, Gait Analysis, Ergonomic Products, Evaluation Equipment, EMG Products, Work Stations, Whirlpools, Whirlpool Accessories, Utility Equipment Carts, Traction Equipment, Traction Accessories, Topicals, Therapeutic Baths, Testing Equipment, Tables, Shoulder Products, Scales, Sequential Compression Devices

ELMED Incorporated
60 West Fay Avenue
Addison, IL 60101
Fax: 630-543-2102
ELMED has been an innovator in the field of physical therapy for over 40 years. We were among pioneers in such specialties as electrotherapy, shortwave diathermy, ultrasonic therapy, neuro-muscular stimulation, etc. Thousands of physical therapy units sold by ELMED are still in use in hospitals and clinics throughout the country.

Enabling Devices
385 Warburton Avenue
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
Developer and manufacturer of high quality, affordable, learning and assistive devices for people with disabilities. Product line includes adapted toys, capability switches and mounting devices. The goal of the company is to make life for the physically challenged richer and more productive. Free catalogs, custom modifications and professional consultation.

Endless Pools
200 E. Dutton’s Mill Road
Aston, PA 19014
Fax: 800-497-9328
Endless Pools, Inc., a leader in countercurrent swimming technology has developed a pool designed specifically to meet the needs of the physical therapist. Flexible construction materials allow the dimensions of the pool to be tailored to meet therapists’ requirements. The floor can be configured for multiple water depths.

Categories: Aquatic Therapy Products, Hydrotherapy, Exercise Equipment

EON Systems
620 Lakeview Rd.
Clearwater, FL 33756
Fax: 727-298-8471
EON Systems, founded in 1989, manufactures The Practice Solution 2000 (TPS 2000), a complete software designed from the ground up specifically to solve the problems and intricacies of a highly successful practice. HIPAA browser allows you to locate errors that could have cost denials in payment.

Equalizer Exercise Machines
911 Kings Point Road
Polson, MT 59860
Fax: 406-883-6207
Equalizer Exercise Machines have been specifically designed by a paraplegic to be accessible to both able-bodied and disabled users EQUALLY. All units meet ADA Requirements. Three different series of machines are available: the Single Station unit, the Modular adjustable Cable Cross Over System and the Multi-Station unit that allows 7 to 8 users at one time. All have a limited lifetime warranty.

Eurotech Mfg.
4960 Wilson Road
Osage Beach, MO 65065
Fax: 573-348-1083
The Magnum 100 by Progressive Electrical Therapeutics, is a state of the art, digital technology, low volt muscle stimulator with one of the most affordable prices on the market today. Microprocessor controllability and digital design allows the user to regulate the time, output, pulse, and surge parameters, which are all displayed on the L.E.D. readout. It has 510K FDA approval and comes with all supplies, accessories, and instructions. Priced at only $425, it is state of the art care at an affordable price.

200 East 33rd Street
New York, NY 10016
Fax: 212-213-1065
Comfortable and portable, the patented evo.pen is a viable alternative to the stick pen. The ergonomic shape relieves the pain of writing caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress syndrome, and writer’s cramp. The evo.pen received a commendation from the American Arthritis Foundation.
PO Box 1089
Melbourne, FL 32902

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Categories: E Commerce, Web Designing

31 Hayward Street
Franklin, MA 02038
Fax: 508-528-8454
The Theracycle is a motor driven exercise bicycle that allows people who do not have the strength or endurance to get the exercise they need. The Theracycle’s smart motor detects when to help the user to exercise so that either passive or active exercise can be achieved.

Exerstrider Fitness
518 A Tasman Street
Madison, WI 53714
Fax: 608-223-9320
Exerstrider fitness walking poles involve arms, shoulders and trunk muscles during walking, creating a functional total body exercise. Improve balance, overall muscle tone, endurance, body composition, core fitness, lumbar stabilization and cardiovascular fitness. An effective and psycho-socially preferred alternative to canes, walkers and crutches. Excellent for rehab and general fitness.

Categories: Aerobic Exercise Equipment, Assistive Products Canes Walkers, Cardiovascular Equipment, Exercise Equipment, Home Exercise, Orthopedic Supplies, Physical Therapy Products, Rehab Equipment, Mats, Pediatric Products, Pillows Cushions, Pool Lifts, Shoes Footwear, Sports Medicine, Toys, Treadmills, Videos, Weight Loss Products, Weight Resistance Equipment, Weights, Wheelchairs

31 Commercial Blvd. #F
Novato, CA 94949
Manufacturer and distributor of physical conditioning equipment designed to improve functional performance. The foundation of this product line was developed to meet a clinic’s need for training and conditioning tools that offer affordable, space saving conditioning protocols without sacrificing quality, presentation or clinical effectiveness.

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