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CDM Sport
816 Ladera Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76108
Fax: 817-448-8701
At CDM Sport you will find quality products for sports, fitness, and physical rehabilitation and strength training and movement evaluation. Medically tested and proven, these products will enhance any level of fitness. The Instant Replay, XTS Cross Training System and Monitored Rehab Systems series are only a few of our products that will help you...Change Your Body...Change Your Life!

Categories: Sports Medicine, Exercise Equipment, Rehab Equipment, Physical Therapy Products, Functional Assessment, Testing Equipment

Cedaron Medical
P.O. Box 2100
Davis, CA 95617
Cedaron’s APTA Connect Solution is a leading documentation and outcomes management system for physical therapy, created in cooperation with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). The system includes outcomes, scheduling, documentation, and will perform charge captures to communicate with your existing billing systems.

CHAD Therapeutics
21622 Plummer Street
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Innovator and manufacturer of cost efficient, user friendly, home oxygen systems designed for ambulatory oxygen patients. Provided through an extensive network of domestic homecare providers, the line of quality products allows patients the mobility and freedom required to maintain a more active lifestyle.

Chattanooga Group
4717 Adams Road
Hixson, TN 37343
Fax: 800-242-8329
Chattanooga Group, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of rehab and home care equipment offers a broad range of technology from Versa-Bath Seat bathtub transfer system to their lines of thermal therapy, paraffin therapy and electrotherapy and ultrasound systems as well as the EMG Retrainer. Also included are the Stabilizer Pressure Biofeedback, OptiFlex CPM and the Triton and Adapta lines of traction and treatment tables.

Categories: Exercise Equipment, Adjusting Equipment, Aids For Daily Living, Ankle Supports, Back Supports Belts, Bath Aids, Biodfeedback Equipment, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Products, Cervical Traction, Chairs Stools, Cold Therapy Products, Cushions, Dynamometers, Elbow Products, Electro Therapy Accessories, Electro Therapy Devices, Combination, Galvanic High Volt Galvanic, Interferential, Microcurrent, Muscle Stimulators, Russian, TENS, Ultrasound, EMG Products, Exercisers Finger Hand Arm, Gauges, Goniometers, Hand Therapy Products, Heat Therapy Products, Home Care Products, Home Exercise, Inclinometers, Intermittent Compression Devices, Knee Braces Supports, Massage Therapy Equipment, Occupational Therapy Products, Orthopedic Supplies, Orthotics, Paraffin, Passive Motion Systems, Physical Therapy Products, Pillows Cushions, Private Labeling, Rehab Equipment, Resistive Exercise Products, Sequential Compression Devices, Shower Aids, Sports Medicine, Tables, Traction Accessories, Traction Equipment, Wheelchair Accessories

P.O. Box 293
Hainesport, NJ 08036
Fax: 609-261-7593

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Cho-Pat designs and manufactures specific and innovative preventive and pain-reducing sports medical devices for the arm, leg and knee. Incorporating unique design characteristics, excellent craftsmanship, and quality materials, products are effective, dependable and highly recommended by medical professionals for preventing or lessening pain and discomfort.

Categories: Sports Medicine, Knee Braces Supports, Ankle Supports, Elbow Products, Wrist Aid Products, Physical Therapy Products, Back Supports Belts, Straps, Orthopedic Supplies

Choice Systems Internet
P.O. Box 371326
Las Vega , NV 89317
Fax: 702-233-4670
Presents the Rehab Information Network (RNET), a comprehensive, state-of-the-art system in the rehabilitation and therapy fields. RNet gives you detailed clinical, financial, management and reporting modules. Also offers Data Warehousing and ASP remote access with a pay-as-you-go option.

Chronomix Corp.
650 F Vaqueros Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94085
Fax: 408-737-0160
Manufacturer of a line of electronic timers for the control of all kinds of individual and group exercise. After programming with a personal countdown sequence, the count is displayed on large red LED digits. Available with horn or light to announce the start and end of exercise and rest periods.

Clark Sales
94-524B Puahi Street
Waipahu, HI 96797
Fax: 808-677-8922
Vari Weights provide versatility. These wrist and ankle weights come in a variety of sizes, including 20 pound singles. Patients can start light and add back the special weight ingots as progress is made toward their goal. Durable fabric with self-adhering fasteners. Weights slip into polyfoam-padded pockets.

Clarke Health Care Products
1003 International Drive
Oakdale , PA 15071
Fax: 724-695-2922
U.S. distributor of Aquatec bathlifts, featuring the Fortuna. The Aquatec line of shower commode chairs features the stainless steel Laguna Tilt chair. The Dolomite line of walkers has three styles, Legacy, Opal Maxi, and Symphony.

CMO Incorporated
197 2nd St., S.W.
Barberton, OH 44203
Fax: 330-745-5913
CMO, Inc. has manufactured its line of premium orthopedic supports since 1984. It includes Mother-To-Be, an original and clinically proven maternity support, heat moldable lumbar inserts, CarpalLock wrist splint, and many other specialty products. CMO also features its exclusive DermaDry line of knee, wrist, ankle, and elbow supports.

Categories: Back Supports Belts, Braces, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Products, Ankle Supports, Elbow Products, Knee Braces Supports, Bariatric Patient Equipment, Immobilizers, Wrist Aid Products

Cold Ice
9999 San Leandro Street
Oakland , CA 94603
Fax: 510-568-2355
Company features hot/cold therapy pads, TheraFlex Leak-proof gel pad, and gel pack machines to make your own hot/cold therapy packs. Theraball hot/cold therapy balls provide increased circulation and mobility of hands.

Columbia Medical
13368 Beach Avenue
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Fax: 310-305-1718
Designs and manufactures unique, high-quality specialty equipment for bathing, toileting, mobility, exercise and travel. The products provide support and assistance or mobility for special needs that are appropriate for families, care takers, therapists, schools and institutions of disable children and adults.

Comfort Direct
195 Livingston Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Clinically recognized revolutionary new mattress technology. Pressure relief, correct support, lower skin temperature in a therapeutic mattress.

ConMed Corporation
310 Broad Street
Utica, NY 13501
Manufactures and distributes Versa-Stim® with the New GEL 2000PT which is considered to be one of the most adhesive and long lasting neuromucular stimulation electrodes on the market. The New GEL 2000PT is designed to maximize single patient reuse. The 2000PT can be effectively used with heat or cold therapy.

2830 California St.
Torrance, CA 90503
Fax: 310-618-8811
Convaid is a leading manufacturer of lightweight, compact-folding wheelchairs for children and adults. A wide range of accessories are available for in-depth positioning. Most chair models are available as bus transit models.

Core Products International
808 Prospect Avenue
Osceola, WI 54020
Fax: 715-294-2622

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Core Products is an industry leader in the manufacture of high quality orthopedic and comfort care products. Product line includes the new Quik-Tie wrist and ankle supports, CorFit back support system and the Tri-Core Family of orthopedic pillows.

Categories: Pillows Cushions, Back Supports Belts, Braces, Neck Back Products, Ankle Supports, Apparel Patients, Bedding Products, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Products, Cervical Collars, Cervical Traction, Cold Therapy Products, Elbow Products, Ergonomic Products, Foam Products, Knee Braces Supports, Immobilizers, Wheelchair Accessories, Traction Equipment, Sacral Supports

669 E. Industrial Park Dr.
Manchester, NH 03109
Controlled Passive Stretch (C.P.S.) Knee Brace is a dynamic orthosis that provides a low load prolonged force that can result in tissue re-modeling over time. The tension hinge is easy to set and has multiple adjustments. Indicated for ROM limitations and contractures.

Country Technology, I nc.
639 Mulberry Lane
Gays Mills, WI 54631
Fax: 608-735-4859
Free 41 page Vital Signs catalog contains quality rehab, sports medicine and fitness products. Featured are: upper/lower body exercisers, treadmills, rehab prescription resources, flexibility, fat and grip testers, VHI Exercise & Rehab Kits, aquatic therapy, strengthening equipment and much more.

Cramer Products
P.O. Box 1001
Gardner, KS 66030
Cramer Products introduces natural latex rubber products -- Flex-i-Band and Flex-i-Tube to help patients improve ROM, flexibility, and strength. The Cramer PF Tape for patellar femoral taping is the base tape in the application while Cramer Strapping Tape is strong 100% woven rayon that concludes the patellar femoral taping process.

8515 35th Ave. N.E. #C
Seattle, WA 98115
CYMA’s StepWatch Activity Monitor (SAM) is a tool for assessment of ambulatory function in the real world. It is an ankle worn, microprocessor-controlled step counter that unobtrusively measures how mobile a person is throughout daily life. Step counts can be recorded every minute for up to two months at a time.

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